We are your trusted partner taking care of you all your business needs


Our experience in various industries and working environments ensures that we are adaptable and dynamic. We are able to fit into any environment and through our in-depth knowledge and efficiency focused approach, we are able to render quality output.

Service Experience

Our mission is to provide excellent and professional services, to clients whom are serious about their business. The value added service which we provide, ensure our position as an excellent professional services firm. Malander has a wide network of professional contacts, which ensures excellent quality of service.

Helping Your Business

Malander provides a comprehensive finance function resourcing aiming at providing assistance to and enhancing the output of our clients financial functions. Our highly qualified and trained team has vast experience in various sectors. which together with continuous training and professional development, ensures that we provide the a quality service.


Understanding that no two businesses are the same, flexibility in service offering is at our core. We provide tailor-made solutions and are geared to ease the burden in areas like Financial Reporting, Technical Accounting and the Human Capital function.


Our mission is to provide excellent and professional services, to clients whom are serious about their business. The value added service which we provide, ensure our position as an excellent professional services firm .Malander has a wide network of professional contacts, which ensures excellent quality of service.


Within the Malander network, an infrastructure is maintained to accommodate for a vast variety of services associated with an accounting and financial environment. Malander is geared to offer a full range of independent and objective advisory services, but small enough to attend to your specific needs and provide the personalized attention you require.